In 2017 Dr. Stephanie Pinder-Amaker & Dr. Jeffrey P. Winer Co-Founded the Multicultural Psychology Consultation Team (MPCT) at McLean Hospital. The goal of MPCT was and still is to:

  • Support McLean Hospital clinicians conducting culturally-responsive mental health treatment
  • Foster a network of clinicians and clinical leaders interested in multicultural processes in treatment
  • Encourage innovation and dissemination of culturally-responsive treatments at and beyond McLean Hospital.

The majority of the content on has been explicitly discussed, reviewed, and continually updated by members of MPCT. Over the years of running MPCT we have built a framework for conducting and running a clinical consultation team focused explicitly on how social and cultural identity factors inform and influence mental health treatment, research, program development, training, and advocacy. These are issues that require change and sustainability at the systems level if we hope for them to have deep impact. It’s been deeply meaningful, incredibly helpful in our various professional and personal roles, and a meaningful way to be in community together as we pursue justice.

Current (and past) participants in MPCT include:

Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, PhD; Jeffrey P. Winer, PhD; Caitlin Nevins, PhD; Lauren Wardsworth, PhD; Courtney Beard, PhD; Marie Forgeard, PhD; Bianca Busch, MD; PhD; Lucy Ogbu-Nwobodo, MD; Marcus Rodriguez, PhD; Alisa Moreland-Capuia, MD; Edmund Labarbara, PsyD; Felicia Jackson, PhD; Andrew D. Peckham; PhD, Deanndra Howard, LICSW; Melanie Hom; PhD; Jacob Nota, Sophia Maurasse, MD; PhD; Sinhae Cho, PhD.

If you are interested in learning more about MPCT please contact us.

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