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Included here are downloadable evidence-informed worksheets, exercises, and guidelines, for use in prevention, intervention, and educational/training contexts. We provide all resources for free courtesy of authors and copyright holders. Linked guidelines from Harvard Medical School and the American Psychological Association are free to the public.

These resources were created through our (e.g., the McLean Hospital Multicultural Psychology Consultation Team) collective clinical work, research, training, consultation, and continued education. This is by no means an exhaustive set of tools – it is merely some of the tools that our team has been working on and have found  helpful in our work. If you have a resource you think should be added to this list – please contact us!

Of note, several of the below documents are described in:

Winer, J.P., Wadsworth, L. P., Forgeard, M., Pinder-Amaker, S., Bjorgvinsson, T., & Beard, C. (2018) Development and implementation of a single-session diversity and multicultural psychology group intervention within an academic psychiatric hospital. the Behavior Therapist. link to full article

*********As significant practice is often required in order to use and deliver these worksheets/exercises effectively (e.g., conversations and interventions focused on social and cultural identities are very complex), please consult with your team, supervisor(s), and colleagues before using in a clinical, educational, or professional development setting. Additionally – feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback.*********

Worksheets focused on social and cultural identities self assessment based on the ADDRESSING Framework developed by Dr. Pamela Hays: 

ADDRESSING Identities Worksheet and Self Assessment Version 1 (original version with introduction)

ADDRESSING Identities Worksheet and Self Assessment Version 2 (expanded version with no introduction)

ADDRESSING Identities Worksheet and Self Assessment Version 2.1 (expanded version with extended introduction) 

The original ADDRESSING worksheet is from Pamela A. Hays, 2016, Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Therapy (3rd ed.), reprinted by permission from the American Psychological Association

Worksheet focused on introducing the concepts of microaggressions, implicit bias, stereotype threat, and targeted identities (MIST):

MIST Worksheet Version 1.1

CBT-style strategies for responding to stigma and bias (1 page):

Strategies for Responding to Stigma and Bias Version 1

DBT-style strategies for responding to stigma and bias (3 pages):

DBT Strategies for Responding to Stigma and Bias Version 1

Strategies for Engaging Effectively with the Guilt of Privilege using DBT Skills:

Engaging with the Guilt of Privilege Version 1

Worksheet focused on examining the complex and context-dependent nature of social and cultural identities: 

Social and Cultural Identities Can Be…

Worksheet focused on applying the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Triangle to unpacking experiences of identity-based threat:

Social and Cultural Identities CBT Triangle/Microaggression Exercise Version 1

Guiding agreements currently used by the McLean Hospital Multicultural Psychology Consultation Team (MPCT):

Multicultural Psychology Consultation Team (MPCT) Agreements Version 1

As members of the HMS community we (MPCT) fully affirm the aspirations espoused in HMS diversity statement:

Harvard Medical School Diversity Statement

As psychologists and behavioral health providers, we seek to enact and build upon the American Psychological Association’s 2017 Multicultural Guidelines: An Ecological Approach to Context, Identity, and Intersectionality, 2017:

APA Multicultural Guidelines 

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